From Client to Volunteer!

Meet Josh! Josh's journey with CMOH began in 2014. He first came to us as a client when he was a homeless individual. Josh committed to the work with his case manager at CMOH. He also took seriously the steps needed in the recovery program that he was involved in. He took the hand "up" that was offered to him and more recently became a volunteer at CMOH. He is so happy to be here at CMOH in this new capacity! "God is good, all the time" said Josh. I personally had the opportunity to work with Josh in the CMOH Warehouse. We worked "side by side" (with 6 feet between us) on tasks like sorting through good and bad produce, stocking shelves, filling food boxes and distributing those boxes to clients in our drive through food line. I could see a look of pride on Josh's face as he helped out in all these capacities. Bravo Josh! We are so proud of the person you have become and it has been a pleasure to accompany you on this journey.

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